UK AutoTalk:

Last Friday I had a demonstration of a new and revolutionary diesel engine control unit from Bolton based CRD Technology that has changed the total concept of engine re-mapping and gives an installer the facility to quickly and easily produce 5 instantly switchable maps.With 5 maps available you can select performance or economy at the touch of a button or even produce a reduced power map.First impressions indicated a very well built compact quality product with OEM quality wiring harness and fittings.

The SELECT-A-MAP Diesel Control ECU is produced by the people who originally gave us the FUELER and uses the same patented technology in a different way to give us the facility to produce not only the 5 maps but also to simultaneously control and sequentially deliver 2 different fuels.

This unit has the technology to increase or decrease performance, can also accommodate Nitrous control and will give simultaneous and accurate control of 2 fuels (Diesel-LPG or CNG)

The Select-A-Map ECU achieves this by accurately monitoring fuel rail pressure as well as injector opening times, using a unique, non-intrusive injector sensing method. It performs many millions of calculations per second, enabling it to compute engine speed and load values instantly so that the exact quantity of 1 or 2 fuels required are always injected at exactly the right moment.

The Select-A-Map ECU is highly universal and suitable for most common rail diesel vehicles from car to vans, LGV, HGV, mobile homes, agricultural and also marine use.

The company have just launched the product and are looking to appoint suitably qualified installers (around 20) for the performance product and also installers for the diesel blend applications.


A complete fuel remap with all the convenience of a tuning box

The only non-intrusive remapping solution

Using patented technology, developed in the UK by the fuel injection experts at CRD Technology, the Select-A-Map ECU allows your vehicle to be remapped without cutting wires or making any modification to your vehicle’s ECU. This not only makes for a quicker installation time, but also makes transferring to another vehicle possible and greatly reduces the risk of invalidating your vehicle’s warranty.