Select-A-Map ECU - Internal ViewDespite the sophisticated nature of the Select-A-Map ECU, installation takes little more time than that of a simple tuning box. Very few connections are required and, thanks to Select-A-Map’s universal, patented method of interfacing with the vehicle engine management system, the installation is non-intrusive and can be performed without cutting any of the vehicles wires*.

The standard maps will provide excellent results for most vehicles, giving a good balance of driveability, performance and economy that is well within the limits of the engine and its management system. No further refinement is necessary.

However, if further refinement is desired, to achieve the engines maximum performance, for example, any of the 5 fuel maps can be customised by the installer. The installer may charge a fee for this service.

To arrange a demonstration or installation, please contact your nearest dealer.

Please Note: Some additional work may be necessary before installation can commence, such as DPF regeneration or general servicing. This is to ensure that the Select-A-Map ECU is able to reliably and properly calibrate and operate. The installer will advise of any additional fees if such work is necessary.

* An optional vehicle specific fuel rail pressure sensor adaptor may be required.

Price does not include any LPG or CNG harnesses or other dual fuel hardware.