Nitrous Oxide (NOS)

For the ultimate in track day performance that no ECU re-map or Tuning Box can offer. Using the SELECT-A-MAP optional solenoid driver interface, it becomes possible to ‘map’ the Nitrous giving precise control of the solenoid and supplying the correct quantity of Nitrous without waste.

When using Nitrous in petrol engines a lean mixture can cause damage through detonation. By contrast, diesel engines are designed to run lean most of the time, which makes them better suited for use with Nitrous.

Nitrous has a cooling effect and it’s high oxygen content results in a more efficient diesel burn rate that produces more power.

A fast road map will typically take a standard 160bhp engine to 190bhp but by selecting the very fast road map and using it with Nitrous 220bhp is safely achieved.

Diesel-NOS Power Plot
Standard Diesel Power
High Diesel Power
High Diesel Power with Nitrous Oxide
When the Nitrous switch is armed the SELECT-A-MAP automatically engages the excessively rich Nitrous map and when disarmed it reverts back to the previous selected map.