Power AND Economy

The Select-A-Map ECU will match (or better)
ANY diesel tuning box performance!

Select-A-Map - Diesel Remap ECU

The Compromise

While it may sometimes be possible to improve on the compromise made by the vehicle manufacturer and achieve a slight increase in both performance and economy, for any real gains, there will always be a trade-off between the two.

No exceptions

  • No single remap can provide the best performance AND economy simultaneously.
  • Running high performance maps continuously will inevitably lead to DPF problems.

This is especially true of diesel tuning boxes, which indiscriminately control fuel, irrespective of engine speed and load, resulting in an even greater compromise that leads to wasted fuel, in the form of particulate emissions, further increasing the likelihood of DPF problems.

Read more about the differences between remaps and diesel tuning boxes here.


No Compromise

Select-A-Map - Diesel Remap ECU
Highest Performance* Check
Best Economy* Check
Lowest Emissions* Check

A engine remap using the Select-A-Map ECU can out-perform any diesel tuning box in terms of performance, economy AND emissions.

This is possible because, like any conventional fuel remap, Select-A-Map remaps the vehicle's fueling in accordance with engine speed and load but, unlike any conventional remap, Select-A-Map provides FIVE instantly switchable maps (via a remote control).

Each of the 5 maps can be completely customised** and optimised, ensuring that the purpose for which the map is intended, be it performance, economy, or emissions, the best possible results can be achieved, without compromise!

Innovation and Versatility

The Select-A-Map's unique design means that not only can fueling be increased but, where necessary, fueling can just as easily be decreased, all in accordance with engine speed and load. This gives fuel control capabilities that are far more accurate and superior than any tuning box and enables maps to be created that give greater economy, better emissions or that can prevent, or even reverse, DPF blockage.


Performance Guaranteed

We don't make wild claims or promises about how much extra power the Select-A-Map ECU will give your vehicle – we leave that to the diesel tuning box suppliers – Instead we make one simple guarantee:

The Select-A-Map ECU will match (or better)
ANY diesel tuning box performance!


We can make this claim because the Select-A-Map diesel control ECU is comparable to a full diesel fuel remap, with which no diesel tuning box can ever compete (more info here).

Additionally, the Select-A-Map provides 5 instantly switchable fuel maps, allowing quick switching between performance and economy modes while driving***, making it a unique, no compromise solution that, unlike any remap or tuning box, is also DPF friendly.

* Compared with a diesel tuning box on the same vehicle and assuming Select-A-Map has been correctly installed, calibrated and configured and that the relevant map has been selected and professionally refined.

** The installer may charge a fee for any additional map refinements.

*** For safety reasons, the engine is required to be at idle speed before map switching will occur.