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New Technology Adds Another Dimension to Vehicle Remapping
Unique Features:
  • Provides five instantly selectable fuel maps (controlled via wireless remote key fob).
  • Allows most common rail diesel vehicles to be remapped without modifying or reprogramming the vehicle’s ECU or cutting wires.
  • Installs like a diesel tuning box and can be removed in seconds.
  • Highly universal and transferrable: Compatible with most cars, vans and trucks.
  • Can reduce or increase fuel at any engine speed and load combination enabling separate switchable maps to be created for performance, economy and safety.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) blockage prevention features.
  • Nitrous Oxide (NOS) mapped control (optional feature).
Select-A-Map Programming Handset Diesel Control ECU
Select-A-Map Programming Handset Select-A-Map Diesel Control ECU
CRD Technology, a company based in Bolton, Lancashire (UK) have developed an innovative approach to remapping common rail diesel engines. Despite an installation simplicity and physical appearance resembling that of a much less sophisticated diesel tuning box, the Select-A-Map  is a unique, advanced diesel control ECU that enables diesel engines to be remapped, with five user-selectable maps, without reprogramming or tampering with the vehicle’s own engine management system.

Compatible with most common rail diesel engines (including cars, vans and HGVs), this highly universal system forms an elegant solution that can both simplify the remapping of older vehicles and, with its unique non-intrusive method of connection, provide a method of remapping newer vehicles that greatly reduces any risk of invalidating vehicle manufacturer’s warranties.

Product information:
A complete fuel remap with all the convenience of a tuning box
Select-A-Map Remote Control Key FobThe Select-A-Map ECU revolutionises vehicle remapping. It combines most of the benefits of a conventional ECU remap with the ease of installation of a diesel tuning box. It is designed to be highly universal, making it compatible with most common rail diesel engines. It packs a host of other features, such as a key fob remote control (pictured right), giving access to five instantly switchable fuel maps, and the ability to default to a standard or low power map. It even has the ability to control Nitrous Oxide (NOS), via an optional interface using a further 5 fuel maps, or the ability to control the injection of a second fuel, such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in dual fuel applications.
The only non-intrusive remapping solution
Using patented technology, developed in the UK by the fuel injection experts at CRD Technology, the Select-A-Map ECU allows a vehicle to be remapped without cutting wires or making any modification to the vehicle’s ECU. This not only makes for a quicker installation time, but also makes transferring to another vehicle possible and greatly reduces the risk of invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.
Select-A-Map Block Diagram
Select-A-Map System Diagram
Power, speed and accuracy
To maintain engine efficiency and reduce the risk of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) blockage, it is imperative that any modifications to the quantity of fuel injected are precisely metered and timed. The Select-A-Map ECU achieves this by accurately monitoring fuel rail pressure as well as injector opening times, using its unique, non-intrusive injector sensing method. It performs many millions of calculations per second, enabling it to compute engine speed and load values instantly so that the exact quantity of fuel required is always injected at exactly the right moment.
Additional information for editors:
Select-A-Map Background Information
Select-A-Map was developed to be a dual-fuel controller but also as a solution to address a number of major issues that were identified with traditional common rail diesel ‘tuning boxes’ and remapping technologies:

  • Traditional ECU remapping techniques can invalidate vehicle warranties.
  • Diesel tuning boxes do not provide the accuracy and control of an ECU remap.
  • ECU remapping is becoming increasingly problematic on many newer vehicles.

Select-A-Map’s unique patented technology allows it to measure engine speed and load, which it uses, along with the selected fuel map data, to determine the precise amount of fuel required at any moment. This addresses all of the above issues by providing a non-intrusive means to properly map an engine – with a device that is as simple to install and remove as a tuning box.

About CRD Technology
CRD Technology Limited was formed by a group of passionate motor enthusiasts with many years hands-on experience in the retail motor industry. The team packs in over 100 years experience of engine management systems and advanced electronics.

CRD Technology Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobilizer Ltd (

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CRD Technology Limited
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Select-A-Map Brochures
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Fleet Operator SavingsThe SELECT-A-MAP diesel control unit will be of particular interest to fleet users as a simple way of reducing their ever increasing fuel costs. The unit is easily installed and all electronic fuel adjustments remain within the manufacturer’s original engine management system tolerances.The tachometer ‘Green Band’ represents the manufacturer’s optimum engine speed range for both economy and torque.

Operators encourage their drivers to stay within this speed range to save fuel. However, drivers often make excessive use of the ‘Red Zone’ and waste fuel.

Driver trainers are often used to promote sensible driving within the green band, but after a while, in most cases drivers tend to revert to their normal driving style.

The SELECT-A-MAP can be programmed to not only increase torque in the green band but also to limit fuelling in the red zone which encourages a change of driving habits, with earlier gear changes that keep the engine within the green band, resulting in significant fuel savings.

Units can also be individually mapped to suit the operator’s particular requirements.

Acceleration Control Feature

An additional, unique feature is Acceleration Control, that can be used on its own, with a standard map or in combination with a fuel modification map.

It provides a simple method of controlling performance based on engine acceleration rate, allowing acceleration to be limited without reducing torque at slowly increasing or constant engine speeds.

The SELECT-A-MAP positively encourages drivers not to accelerate rapidly and to ensure they stay within the green band, resulting in fuel savings and greater vehicle life.

The SELECT-A-MAP is a universal product that can also be used in many common rail diesel engine applications with custom mapping facility for agricultural, marine use etc.

Diesel-Blend – LPG/CNG

Click here to find out how Select-A-Map can reduce fuel costs and emissions even further when used as a dual-fuel diesel-blend ECU to inject a cheaper, greener fuel such as Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).


Select-A-Map Retail Brochure

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We are currently setting up a network of approved specialist installers who are well respected in their area, have a quality and professional image with an established Website and good range of suitable diagnostic equipment, and of course the appropriate skills. A rolling road dynamometer would be an advantage but is not essential.

Only people who can tick most of the following requirements would be considered as one of the first people to win this fantastic opportunity to increase their business, with this exciting new and unique product.

  • Probably an established Superchips, Revo or similar remap product dealer.
  • Performance enthusiasts with a proven track record selling performance products.
  • Common rail diesel engine diagnostic experience.
  • DPF operation and problems awareness.
  • Experience of writing and installing maps.
  • Fleet contacts.

Consideration would be given to suitably experienced mobile operators with the appropriate equipment and skills.

Although the Select-A-Map ECU works on most common rail diesel engines, regardless of age, our initial prime target markets in the UK are vehicles still under manufacturer's warranty and probably up to 3 years old, plus fleet customer's cars, vans and LCV's up to 3.5 tonnes.

There are also opportunities for HGV's.

If you would like to apply to become a dealer, please contact us.

Dealer information and prices

To gain access to dealer information and prices, please fill out the registration form, selecting the 'Request dealer access' option. You will receive your login details immediately and, if your registration is approved (usually within 1-2 days), you will have access to dealer areas of this website.

Select-A-Map Diesel Control ECU - Performance | Economy | Choice
A complete fuel remap with all the convenience of a tuning box
The Select-A-Map ECU is quite simply a revolution in vehicle remapping. It combines most of the benefits of a conventional ECU remap with the ease of installation of a diesel tuning box. It is designed to be highly universal, making it compatible with most common rail diesel engines and it contains a host of other features not found in any other product. Read more …


For more technical and installation information, visit the CRD Perfomance website.

Who we are

Boost GuageWe are passionate motor enthusiasts with many years hands-on experience in the retail motor industry and our team packs in over 100 years of motor trade and advanced electronics experience with car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, specialist performance centres and franchised dealers.

Our advanced electronics lab is staffed by some of the leading designers in the specialised field of applied vehicle engine control electronics, who have worked closely with our vehicle fuel systems engineers to produce several different ECU applications, all based on the same Patent protected technology.

Where we are

CRD Technology Limited
Burnden Industrial Estate
Manchester Road
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